Vasil Levski comes through in Seance Spirit Circle – Bulgaria Revolution National Hero – Amazing!

Vasil Levski comes through in Seance Spirit Circle – Bulgaria Revolution National Hero – Amazing!

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Vasil Levski is absolutely amazing. A new woman from Bulgaria joined our Spirit Circle Saturday December 9, 2017. She requested somebody we never heard of. I had a hard time to even understand his name. She said he was a national icon in Bulgaria. So we tried it. We keep our circles small on purpose so each medium has a chance to practice. There were 5 mediums present but the Bulgarian woman acted as a sitter for this segment.

Vasil Levski brought verifiable information to all of us very well. After the circle we all looked up Vasil on the internet and had a great time seeing all the pictures, of things he had already shown us through our ability to communicate with the Spirit World.

I read about Vasil afterward, and the most interesting written story was on this blog (unrelated to me in any way.)

Apparently Vasil lived in the late 1800’s and led a revolution to free Bulgaria from the occupation of the Ottoman Empire (Turks).
After everybody left the energy was still so amazing I could hardly sleep. This man had the courage of a lion. My chest felt twice the size, full of so much courage. He was really showing me what it felt like to have courage again. I love this guy!

Every time I fell asleep all night I was with Vasil and he was showing me around Bulgaria. I would get up, and then fall asleep to another dream with Vasil.
I felt him in the morning but he left eventually. That was such a great experience. How inspiring!
The inspiration of having this amazing man connected with my consciousness is the reason I put this photo montage together with the actual séance segment in which Vasil Levski comes through with flying colors.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

с любов към всички

Quote by Vasil Levsky: “If I win – I win for all our people, if I lose – I lose only myself.

Words from a poem written by Ivan Vazov about Vasil:

” For nine years he roamed
Without sleep or rest, without hearth or home,
Changing his name, under many disguises,
Stout-hearted, ready for sacrifices,
And brought understanding support and light…”

…”Full of sweet hope that soared and fluttered.
Often he spoke of the struggle, revolt
As imminent of which was as yet unsettled.
He tested the brave to find men of mettle
To carry the glorious enterprise through;
For him every hearer was brother, too….”

“…Today in the mountain, tomorrow in town,
The word of rebellion he spread all round
And spoke behind closed doors of freedom and dying,
Said now was he who would raise in the flood
The first people’s banner and shed his own blood.
Needed were courage, grit, firm resolution,
Fear was sheet villainy, pride – dissolution,
We are all equal, he said, in that hour –
People he braced with fresh vigor and power…”

“…Utterly fearless, his courage sufficed
To die a hundred times on the cross like Christ,
To burn at stake like Huss, or to perish
Sawn, like Simon, for the truth he cherished.
For him Death was brother as well as friend.
In his sleeve he sewed poison of terrible strength.
At his waist was a trusty weapon he wielded
To terrify enemies whenever needed.
A stranger to sleep, relaxation and rest
He was spirit and made manifest…”

The poem by Ivan Vazov can be read in its entirety here:

The whole experience was amazing. His courage is so huge. That is why I think it was worth the time to spend to put this up for everybody to enjoy.

LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!


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